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Frequently asked questions

What size is the screen in the video greeting card?
We have multiple screen sizes available. The smallest screen has a 4.3 inch diagonal. You can upgrade to the 5 inch diagonal or the 7 inch diagonal. Not all sizes are available for all design. Check our catalog for availability.

What is the resolution of the screen in the video greeting card?
The two smallest screen sizes (4.3 inch and 5 inch) have a resolution of 480 by 272 pixels. The largest screen size (7 inch) has a resolution of 800 by 480 pixels.

Can use use audio in my video?
Yes, the video greeting card also contains a speaker which will play the audio you add to your video.

How big is the video greeting card?
The video greeting cards have the size of an landscape A5 paper. This means they are 8.27 inches wide and 5.82 inches high. Of course that screen, the battery and speaker need some space which makes the cards 0.4 inch deep.

How much does a video greeting card weigh?
The differend screen sizes of our video-cards have different weighs. The 4.3 inch version weighs [pending]oz, the 5 inch version weighs [pending]oz and the 7 inch version weighs [pending] oz.

How do you receive a video greeting card?
We ship the video greeting cards in a small box. The card is delivered as a package so it won’t break during transport. In the box you will also find a cable to charge the video card for when it runs out of battery.

How do you charge a video greeting card?
We include an USB to micro-USB cable to charge the video greeting card with every order.

Can I change the video on the video greeting card?
When we process your order we will transfer your video to the internal storage of the video greeting card. You can also order it without a video and do this yourself or you might want to replace the video later. With the attached USB cable you can connect the card to your computer and put a video on it like you would with any usb-storage device.

How long can the video on the greeting card be?
The internal storage of the video card is 512MB which is enough for 30 minutes of video when the video is optimized for the screen size. This is something our website does automatically for you when you have us put the video on the card already.

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