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Send a Birthday Video Card to someone special!
Add video's, photo's and a personal message

Browse Birthday Video Cards

What is a Birthday Video Card?

It's a luxury birthday card that plays your video's when you open it.

You can either purchase the Birthday Video Card and add your videos yourself or let us do it for you and send the card directly to you or your loved one.

Every Birthday Video Card includes:

  • 7 inch IPS screen
  • Control buttons
  • Built-in speaker
  • Charger cable
  • Enough memory for 20 mins of video
  • Free shipping available
Browse Birthday Video Cards
Trending Birthday Video Cards

Browse our trending cards and make their birthday standout with the most popular Birthday Video Cards

Introducing Birthday Video Greeting Cards

Get ready to revolutionize the way you celebrate birthdays with our all-new Birthday Video Greeting Cards! These special cards bring a personal touch to traditional wishes, featuring a blend of videos, photos, and heartfelt messages.

Creating one is a breeze! Just use our simple online tools to craft a unique video message, add your favorite photos, and include a personal note. Once done, place an order, and we'll send the physical card directly to you or your recipient.

Imagine the joy when your friend or loved one opens the card, revealing a personalized video message. It's a delightful surprise that adds a modern twist to the classic birthday card.

Birthday Video Greeting Cards are not just cards; they're an experience. Upgrade your birthday wishes and make moments memorable by embracing this unique combination of technology and heartfelt greetings. Order yours today and let the celebrations begin!

How to Make a Birthday Video Greeting Card:

Step 1: Pick your favorite Birthday Video Greeting Card design
Choose your favorite design from our selection of over 2500+ options. If you select "personalize," we'll load the videos onto the card for you, and you can also add a personal touch by including photos and a heartfelt message. If you prefer the "buy now" option, you'll load the videos onto the card at home by connecting it to your computer using the provided USB cable and simply dragging and dropping your videos.

Step 2: Add Video('s) to the Birthday Video Card
Upload your video or record one with our online Video Greeting Card builder. Once you've picked your favorite design, click 'get started' on the selected video greeting card design page. The free Video Greeting Card Builder will open, allowing you to easily add your videos.

Step 3: Make it personal by adding photo's and a heartfelt message
Personalize with photos, stickers, and a personal message. After adding your videos, include pictures by uploading them from your computer or phone. Write a heartfelt message to make the card special. Our cards have a 7-inch screen with easy controls for pausing, playing, or skipping through the video. They also come with a built-in speaker for great sound and a micro-USB charger for easy recharging.

Step 4: Tell us where to send your Birthday Video Greeting Card!
Let us know where and when you want the card sent, either directly to your loved one or to you for a personal handover. Create a memorable birthday surprise with our personalized Birthday Video Greeting Cards!

Celebrate Big: Exploring the Magic of Video Birthday Cards

Birthdays hold a special place in our hearts, and with Video Birthday Cards, the celebration becomes even more enchanting! These cards resemble traditional ones but pack an extra punch with personalized videos. Let's delve into the fascinating realm of these new products and discover why they're gaining popularity as the latest birthday trend.

The Appeal of Video Birthday Cards:
So, what makes Video Birthday Cards so special? Picture a conventional card, but with a delightful video message that plays when you open it—bringing your card to life. These cards are gaining traction because they infuse a personal and thrilling touch into birthday celebrations.

Adding a Personal Touch:
The most exciting aspect? You can make your Video Birthday Card truly unique. Embed your own videos—whether it's a heartfelt birthday wish, funny moments, or anything you'd like to share. It's like creating a personalized mini-movie just for your friend. Additionally, toss in some photos and a heartfelt message to enhance the coolness factor!

Crafting Your Video Birthday Card:
Fashioning a Video Birthday Card is a breeze. Simply choose a design you fancy, upload your videos, add some photos, and jot down a quick message. Then, you have the option to send it online or print it out for an extra personal touch—a birthday card upgrade at your fingertips!

Why Video Birthday Cards Shine:
Video Birthday Cards transcend the ordinary; they're akin to a mini-celebration in a card. When your friend opens it, they not only see your face but also hear your voice, making it feel like you're right there with them. It adds an extra layer of fun, making birthdays more memorable and enjoyable.

In Summary:
To make your friend's birthday extra special, consider sending a Video Birthday Card. It transforms a regular card into a personalized video surprise! With a dash of creativity and a few clicks, you'll craft a birthday memory that will be reminisced about for years. Get ready to be the coolest friend ever with this amazing new gift!

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