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Mail a Video Greeting Card to someone you love
Add your own video, photo's and a personal message!

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Video Greeting Card: Happy valentine's day to the most beautiful woman

Excellent 4.9 out of 5
"Editable" means you can modify the existing text on the video greeting card . You have the flexibility to change, remove, or reposition the text that's already on the card design. Additionally, you have the option to add your own text to the front, inside, and back of the card, allowing you to include a personal message and make the card uniquely yours.
Personalize online

Personalize the layout, upload or record your video in our system. We'll load it onto your video card and send it directly to your loved one or your doorstep

  • Easy-to-use online video card builder
  • Upload/record video's online
  • We'll load your video's onto the card
  • Include personal message
  • Add photos and images
  • Add stickers
  • Shipped to you or your recipient
  • Free shipping available
Buy now

For a quick and easy purchase. Add the video at home and give the card to your loved one yourself.

  • Shipped directly to you
  • Load videos yourself
  • Free shipping available
Fully customizable Video Greeting Card

Personalize this video card with your own videos, photos, messages, and stickers.
Or order it as is and add your own videos at home later without extra personalization.

  • 7 inch IPS screen (much higher quality than LCD)
  • Control buttons: previous, next, play/pause, volume up, volume down
  • Built-in speaker
  • Comes with Micro USB charger
  • Memory: 512MB
  • Battery: 1500 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Size: A5 (5-7/8 inch x 8-1/4 inch)

Video Greeting Card Details

Embrace the vibrant spirit of love with this Valentine's Day card that's a visual feast of warm, passionate reds and playful floral motifs. The front of the card is a bold statement, a celebration of color and pattern, proclaiming "HAPPY Valentine's DAY TO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN" in a confident, striking font. It's not just a card; it's a tribute to the one who makes your heart skip a beat, wrapped in a design that's as lively and mesmerizing as the love you share.

The card's backdrop is an intricate dance of abstract shapes and nature-inspired elements, creating a sense of depth and movement that captures the dynamic nature of love. It's as if each line, dot, and swirl comes together to tell the story of your shared journey - complex, beautiful, and full of surprises. And, of course, you can customize the text, making it a personal ode to the woman who's captured your heart.

Inside, the card echoes the front's enthusiasm but leaves space for your personal touch - a poem, a heartfelt message, or simply a note that says 'I love you' in your own words. The back of the card carries forward the same vivid energy with its array of playful patterns, making this card a complete package of affection and admiration.

From the moment your Valentine lays eyes on this card, they'll be enveloped in its warm embrace, knowing that they are your world and the beauty in it. It's a card that doesn't just say 'I love you'  -  it shouts it from the rooftops, in full, glorious color.

Technical specifications:
Dimensions 5.8 x 8.3 x 0.5 inches
Weight 0.9 oz.
Memory 512MB
Screen 7" IPS
Controls previous, next, play/pause, volume up, volume down
Battery 1500 mAh lithium-ion
Printer 4-color CMYK digital UV printing
Charger Micro USB
Speaker Built-in
Sensors Magnetic switch
Paper type Glossy
Screen aspect ratio 16:9
Video format MP4
Video resolution 1024 x 600 pixels
Format Portrait
Photos / Videos:
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The Trust We've Earned!
Excellent 4.9 out of 5